LED Lighting

Lighting energy accounts for 15% of your electricity bill. With energy costs set to rise there has never been a better time to invest in LED energy efficient lighting for your home, office, warehouse or commercial premises.

What is LED Lighting?

LED Lighting is a new generation of energy efficient lighting that is set to replace more traditional forms of lighting such as incandescent, halogen and some fluorescent lighting.

What are the benefits of LED Lighting?

The main benefit of LED lighting is that it consumes around 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs and fittings, providing a saving of around 33% off the total electricity bill per household. This is not the only advantage however, as LED lighting has many benefits.


LED lamps do not get hot, this means that not only are they safe to touch and eliminate the risk of burns when replacing bulbs

but nearly all of the energy produced by them is light energy so they will last longer.


LED lamps are also brighter and provide better colour rendering so it is clearer when you are carrying out tasks such as reading. This in turn provides many health benefits.


LED lamps are cost effective. LED lighting is becoming more popular and widely used and the cost of fittings, lamps and bulbs are coming down in price and are more in line with the traditional forms of lighting. As they last longer than other forms of lighting this makes them a more cost effective and viable option for lighting.


LED lamps are future proof. If you ever wondered why you can't buy tungsten light bulbs anymore, it is because the European Comission has set the UK and Europe energy efficieny targets to satisfy the requirements of the Kyoto Treaty. To ensure that our carbon footprint is reduced as a nation tungsten and other inefficient lighting has been banned from production and now that stocks are sold they simply aren't available anymore. As more types of lighting are being removed from production this will naturally increase the popularity of LED lighting and it will become more common in use in the future.

Do I have to replace my existing light fittings?

No. There are many retrofit options for LED lamps for fittings in your household, office or commercial premises. These are fitted on site by our skilled engineers and ensure that there is no downtime of your electrics. There are however many options of integrated LED light fittings. These can give many benefits as they are specifically designed so they can give even greater efficiency, but they are also decorative and can help with the aesthetics of your project.

How can you help me with my installation?

We have many years of experience in upgrading LED lighting and we have worked for many businesses to help them improve their efficiency and also to cut their costs. We have an in house lighting design department and we use the best quality fittings that we source at the best possible price. We are an NICEIC registered company which is the name for quality electricians and we work to the highest standards. Our work is also guarenteed for 10 years.

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